About Us

Mountainside Support Services Ltd. was created in 2013 in order to meet the individualized support needs of youth and adults with a variety of developmental disabilities and behavioural challenges. In order to meet the holistic needs of our diverse clientele, we are committed to delivering support that is personalized, caring and professional. Since the beginning, we have worked to successfully develop our company while staying true to our values and client needs. 

Mission Statement 

To provide care and support where our clients feel safe, supported, and empowered, while fostering personal growth.

Our Values

At Mountainside Support Services Ltd. we understand that each person is unique and that the delivery of care must meet those unique needs. As an organization committed to meeting the unique needs of its clients, we uphold the following values:
  • A belief that each person is unique and deserves a unique plan of care and that they are ultimately the best resource and advocate in determining that care
  • That each client should be supported in their quest for learning, development, contribution, belonging and dignity
  • To be honest, fair, respectful, accountable, hardworking and caring
  • A commitment to providing the highest standard of care while always seeking to improve
  • Working cooperatively as part of a support team
  • Supporting our employees to provide the highest standard of care they can.